GPA Calculator

What’s this for?

Not sure how to calculate your cumulative GPA for medical school or physical therapy school? Not to worry! This Microsoft Excel Sheet will allow you to calculate your cumulative GPA according to the Ontario Medical Schools Application Service Conversion Scale. Below, you can download a copy of the file and input your courses and grades to see where you’re at. Instructions on how to use this sheet are included in the file along with a sample calculation. Should you have any questions, please contact us. We hope this helps!

Click here to download the spreadsheet!

Getting Started

  1. Download the Microsoft Excel Sheet above
  2. Use your unofficial undergraduate transcript (obtained via Quest) as a reference for all your grades
  3. Visit the OMSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion Table under column #3 (Percentage) for the conversion scale that corresponds to the University of Waterloo
  4. Start inputting your grades into the “GPA Calculation” sheet in the Excel file
  5. Further instructions are on the “Instructions” sheet in the Excel file


For help on how to use the GPA Calculator, feel free to leave a DM in any of our social media platforms.

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